What is TikTok?

Girls laughing at phone
TikTok is a free platform used to create and share short videos.

It's a really fun app where users can express themselves through , ,  and . Users are able to create videos of themselves lip-syncing that last up to 15 seconds and in common with many of the most popular Apps, they can add filters and fast and slow motion effects.

People can watch another person’s video and either:

  • Like (click a heart)
  • Comment
  • Ask a question, start a duet, share on social media (by clicking the arrow)
  • Shoot a video using the same song or clip (by clicking the spinning circle)

Users can sign up to the App using their phone number, Facebook account, Instagram account or e-mail address.  When a user creates an account, they are asked to input their birthday. This information is not shown publicly but it is to ensure they are above  years of age.

Key things to be aware of on TikTok:

 TikTok rules (terms and conditions) require users to be 13 or older to use the app, and only then with parental consent. If you are over the age of 18, you do not need parental consent.

 Make sure that the  option is switched on.

 Make sure this is switched on.

 It is important to remember that the majority of music videos featured on TikTok are not filtered, this means some include suggestive language, mature situations and sexualised content. Learn how to block a user on TikTok by clicking the button below.

 To report a user for inappropriate behaviour, tap on their profile picture down the side of their video, tap the three dots and then select ‘report abuse’.

 In TikTok, you can buy in-app purchases of 'Coins'. Using these coins, users can buy virtual gifts and send them to their favourite contacts while they are live-streaming on TikTok.

Users who broadcast can receive in-app 'gifts', these gifts translate into money which can be withdrawn from the App into a user's Paypal account.

Any Users under of the age of 18 should have a  before buying in-app purchases or accepting any gifts.