• Think Twice Before You Take Advice

    The demand for Safeguarding Information Recent findings from Ofcom tell us that 83% of adults have concerns about harms to children on the internet (Ofcom, 2019).
  • Download our FREE Christmas Resource Pack

    Are your class winding down coming up to the Christmas Holidays? Do you need some festive fun to keep them engaged? Download our FREE Christmas resource pack here.
  • TikTok – 5 Creators that we recommend for everyone!

    For a while now social media and video sharing app TikTok has been one of the fastest growing apps in the world and it now has over 500 million active monthly users. Here are a few creators we recommend that TikTokers check out.
  • Safeguarding ALERT: UNICO LIVE App

    UNICO LIVE is the latest app to come under our radar, which poses significant risk to children and young people. We've put together the features, risks and what you can do to protect children and young people in your care.
  • YouTube Set to Overhaul Children's Content

    This coming January YouTube is set to make changes that will overhaul how children experience content on the platform.
  • There's a new way to play - Meet Google Stadia

    What is Google Stadia? This blog explains how the new cloud gaming services works, how much it costs and potential risks to young people.
  • Do you know these 10 signs of bullying?

    Every child and young person has the right to learn in a safe and healthy environment free from bullying, harassment and intimidation in all forms. Unfortunately, bullying still happens inside and outside of school, but most cases are resolved quickly. Recognising the warning signs early is a step closer to taking action to stop the bullying, but be aware that not all children show these signs. We have out together 10 indicators you need to look out for in this blog.
  • How to Respond to Sexting in Schools – Dawn Hewitson

    With over 30 years' experience in education, Dawn Hewitson is a Senior Lecturer and Designated Safeguarding Lead for Computer Science and Secondary Education at Edge Hill University. She sat down with us to discuss sexting policy in education and her Ph.D. candidacy that addresses the problem in schools.
  • 3 Things You Need to Know About 'Gaming Disorder'

    There is nothing wrong with gaming in moderation, but if you are concerned that a young person in your care has problematic behaviours toward gaming, it’s best to seek support. Read our blog on how you can do this.
  • Talking to Young People About Suicide

    According to Time to Change around 20% of people will experience suicidal feelings in their lifetime. Read our blog on talking to young children and young people about suicide. 
  • Ineqe Safeguarding Group Shortlisted in Northern Ireland IT Awards

    We’re delighted to announce that several of our projects have been shortlisted as finalists in the Belfast Telegraph IT Awards 2019
  • Ineqe Safeguarding Group Wins National Safeguarding Award

    The Safer Schools App developed by Ineqe Safeguarding Group in partnership with Zurich Municipal has been named the 5 Star Winner in the Safeguarding Category in the National Teach Secondary Awards.