The docuseries does 3 things: it delivers context, a chronology and a call-to-action

Jim Gamble Netflix Docuseries Madeleine McCann

Jim Gamble QPM speaks to BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast regarding the Netflix Docuseries 'The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann'. Listen via this link and skip to 36 minutes in:

BBC 5 Live: Do you think it’s a responsible piece of television?

Jim Gamble QPM: To be honest I do, you need to watch all 8 episodes. The feedback that I’ve seen and the impact that it’s had, I think is positive. So yes, I think the producers went about it in a responsible and forensic way.

It does 3 things: It provides context, it delivers a chronology which people won’t have had before, it puts all of the right information in the right timeline in one place and actually provides a great call to action. I think the coverage that Netflix has, provides far greater opportunity to prompt someone’s conscience, to get someone to reflect on where they were and what they did at the time so perhaps that they think about coming forward and sharing information.

Listen to the rest of the interview on the BBC Sounds website or app (skip to 36 minutes in):